Sunday, August 06, 2006

End of another shift

Ahhh, The end of another shift, tired and bleary eyed. Ready for bed.

I've spent most of the last few hours listening to Talksport, and trying to figure out the endgame tounament at The Stone.

The Stone has been a source of entertainment to me for over two years now, essentially a collection of puzzles (210) that form an overall metapuzzle. We are down to the last four puzzles now, but they are proving virtually impossible to solve.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Well, I have been home, slept, and come back to work again!!

The site has been up nearly 24hrs now and as yet no hits, so I guess that I need to promote it better.

On the plus side I have spent no money today at all so my problems haven't increased (or got much better!!)

Step One is complete

The blog is set up, I've registered with AdSense to raise some capital from advertising and I have tried to promote myself through feedburner and BlogExplosion.

So now I will be requiring anyone who reads this to
give me hints and tips on how to get more publicity.

So, Whilst I don't expect anyone just to give me money, if you know anyone who needs something doing, just drop me a line.

Otherwise I'll just keep blogging anything that comes to mind.

Friday, August 04, 2006

Now to get started

Right then,

How to get this thing off the ground?, I shall be taking a photo of myself and uploading it tomorrow.

Now for some background, I am in full-time employment (that is to say not blagging from the state) and at the moment am in approximately £25,000 in debt.

The majority of this debt has come from moving around from home to home (rent deposits, furniture etc) and from trying too hard to do well for my wife and daughter.

I need to clear some or all of this debt, and have set up this blog as a clarion call to anyone who may be interested or even care.

I am happy to try most things (within reason) to raise funds, so please feel free to e-mail and/or comment on ways of raising money.

First post at help clear my debt

O.k, I like many others am drowning in debt at the moment.
My name is Wesley Bishop, I am 27 at the moment and have one three year old daughter to support.

I realize that the help me concept is not new, and will probably be easily ignored, but, I have to try it.

Apologies for the Adverts dotted around, but they are there for the money.